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Me and My Baby Mama

So Nicole and I spent our Saturday today at a "Prepared Childbirth" class. It was pretty informative and stuff. Here are some of the funny things that happened:
  • Saw lots of videos with very exposed pregnant ladies.
  • The instructor talked about post-partum sex life for like 15 minutes.
  • Nicole and I were practicing our breathing techniques and I was breathing along with her. As I stared right at her, I dropped this big old drop of drool right out of my mouth onto my jeans. We both lost it. Hopefully I don't make her laugh in the middle of a contraction.

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“Me and My Baby Mama”

  1. Blogger brian c. berry Says:


    I got kicked out of that class because they were playing like elevator music and asking me to whisper things about the ocean in my wife's ear to calm her nerves. And it sounded so cheezy and out of character as I was saying things like, "Just listen to the breeze, feel it gently flowing through your hair" while she is supposedly in extreme pain that we started busting up laughing while the whole room was "quiet"- so the instructor came over and asked us to leave because we couldn't pull it together.

  2. Blogger Danny Bowers Says:

    Dude i hated those classes. The lady we had was a OB from EGYPT and pretty dealt with people like a drill instructure. The time with Kim was cool but all i can say is my wife as a trooper during delivery and 90% of what we got from those classes was never used in the labor room

  3. Blogger Matt McGill Says:

    yo. one thing I know: she won't be able to laugh during a contraction. however, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.