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I Did Not Just Say That

Ok, so it was Wednesday night this week. We're on week 5 of this Song of Solomon series. And this is the week we finally got to talking about sex. We break up for discussion after the video teaching by grade and gender. So I've had the Freshmen/Sophomore guys the last few weeks.

We were just coming off winter camp and were talking about some of the late-night wrestlemania that was going on in our cabin.

So, I was trying to make a joke using random terms to transition us. For example: "While we're on the subject of cars, let's talk about Jesus."

So, I said, "While we're on the subject of wrestling, let's talk about sex."

I did not just say that.

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“I Did Not Just Say That”

  1. Blogger rachel Says:

    is that a current trend in youth ministry?

  2. Blogger Kaleena Says:

    This is one of those rare times where I am tempted to leave a comment like "rotflmbo" that's right I can change the a to a b because I'm that cool.

  3. Blogger Allison Says:


    That's like the time Elizabeth Styffee said our church-wide sex series should be experiential...

  4. Blogger samwise Says:

    you did say it and is was simply brillant! way to go!!!

  5. Blogger chad Says:

    now you need a tshirt for your guys. you could make a killing after that.