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House Update

We decided to go ahead and move forward with renting the house. The green carpet is definitely very green, but didn't bother me quite as much as my wife (this is also probably why she gets the final say on all our decorating). It's going to be a great place...great backyard, patio, lots of space, cool location. If you know Riverside, basically you walk past one other house and you're at the UCR agricultural research fields - bunch of citrus. So it's got a nice little buffer right there.

We had a bit of an ordeal turning in our application. Ended up having to print off extra bank statements and all sorts of stuff. Took about two hours to get everything done.

Then we had a message when we got home tonight saying our application looks "very good." Well, thank you, your application looks very good as well. Now....did we get the house? We'll know for sure on Monday.


“House Update”

  1. Blogger the McWhorters Says:

    Good luck man. Maybe that ag field will bring you back to your central valley days...

    Watch out for fertalization day.

  2. Blogger Jessica Ronhaar Says:

    Wow...that sounds really exciting. I hope that it goes well for you guys. Good Luck