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Parents Meeting

Had a pretty good parents meeting on Sunday night. I've learned a couple things lately about these thanks to a couple guys at the PDYM Gathering. I think these are now my goals for future parent meetings:

Let parents hear my heart - I want parents to know that we're not just going through the motions. I'm excited about our ministry and I want them to hear that.

Let parents know what's going on - I want them to have a basic understanding of the purposes of our different programs. Also, I want them to know the goals of different upcoming events.

Let parents ask questions (one on one) - My goal in this meeting was to give them 15-20 minutes of info, dismiss them, and then let anyone with questions stick around and talk to me. I got this basic idea from Lyndale (although I think he does a group Q&A time with those who stay). Well, it was a good plan but a hand went up and we went into a Q&A time that I was trying to avoid. Next time, I'm going to emphasize harder that I'll sit down with anyone and answer questions they have. We're just not going to turn it into an opportunity for everyone to share their opinion with everybody.

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“Parents Meeting”