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Parent Communication

Four things I'm doing right now to raise the level of parent communication in our high school ministry:

1. Monthly Parent E-mail - includes upcoming dates, a short note from me, and a parenting article from HomeWord.

2. Fall Calendar Mailing - well, I wanted to do this one, but our calendar's a bit of an odd shape and envelopes were pricey so I sent a postcard instead telling them some current info and to pick up a calendar on Sunday. I also included a blurb in a newsletter that goes to our adult Bible study classes.

3. Parents Meeting - we're doing an hour-long parents meeting on the 23rd. I'll go over some basic vision and purpose for their ministry as well as give them a chance to ask questions and have some discussion about their (and their student's) biggest needs.

4. Website - been trying to keep a close eye on the website so it stays up to date. That's one of those things that can slip by really easily, but it can also make a really bad impression on parents if all the events listed are from June.

How do you communicate with parents?

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“Parent Communication”