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A Great Night

Last night we had an occasional event we call The Hub. We get together at a student's house and have some sort of experiential worship time. Our high school intern, Ben, ran the one last night and knocked it out of the park. He had them focus on prayer through four stations - one on Old Testament prayers, one on New Testament prayers, one where they actually prayed for each other or whatever they wanted, and one where they praised God for His attributes.

It was a really cool night. I tend to have a hard time giving up control and letting other leaders run with stuff, but I was able to completely hold back and let it be Ben's thing. He did a fantastic job.


“A Great Night”

  1. Blogger Alli Hibb Says:

    Ben sounds like a good dude.
    He also sounds cute (based on a photo I saw on another post)

  2. Blogger Mike Lovato Says:

    Haha, I'll pass along the word.