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Growth Barriers in Youth Ministry (pt. 2)

I started this series forever ago. I think I'll continue it now. Check out part one here.

Characteristics of the 10-15 member youth ministry growth barrier
  • Family feel
  • May be dominated by a couple families
  • Is either VERY tightly knit or VERY disconnected and divided
  • Completely volunteer-led, quite possibly completely led by one person or couple
Ideas to grow beyond the barrier
  • Increase the amount of volunteers beyond the initial person or couple
  • Capitalize on the tight-knit family feel for outreach....encourage students to let one or two outside people in on that same experience during gatherings or trips
  • Attempt to find common ground between the disconnected students and then build on that
  • Don't necessarily try to GO BIG with outreach. Stick with a relational approach at this stage and allow that to be a draw
  • At the same, cast vision beyond the 10-15 people. Students may be attracted to the smallness of the group, but they need to understand that God does want it to grow


“Growth Barriers in Youth Ministry (pt. 2)”