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Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

This will be my last post for a few days (as opposed to my normal exorbitant amount of posting). Tomorrow morning I will be boarding a plane bound for Little Rock, Arkansas. My dad will be doing the same thing from Cincinnati. We will be spending two days in the middle of a field in Nowheresville, Arkansas hunting for diamonds. No that was not a typo.I'm excited for a few days of father/son bonding.

Another highlight will be joining Grant and Nathan for my first taste of Arkansas Cuisine. We will be dining at Sticky Fingerz. Again not a typo.

I will be back in Cali on Saturday and will be sharing all my new southern experiences with you shortly.


“Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”

  1. Blogger Puddles Says:

    Little Rock is actually a cool place. But hunting for diamonds could by far be the greatest thing that I have not yet tried.

  2. Blogger John Denton Says:

    Have fun Mike.

  3. Blogger Carlos Says:

    Dude. Explain.