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I Dropped the Ball....Again

So, I learned yesterday that were was going to be this meeting tonight at 6:30 to discuss some interior features for our building project. Our ministry has a big stake in this. Our high school ministry also meets at 6:30. I was just going to submit some stuff, but decided to go and miss the first part of our program.

Long story short, as I'm getting ready to finally head out of the meeting (at like 7:20) Nicole's frantically calling me to find me. Our band is done, games have been played, and our intern Ben is killing time. So then I get to walk in like an idiot and immediately go up and start speaking. I can't remember the last time I felt so flustered trying to start a talk.

I was really frustrated afterwards.....mostly because I was an idiot and didn't leave the meeting at 7 when I originally planned to. Oh well.


“I Dropped the Ball....Again”