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The Adventures of Bored Mike & Nicole

It was Saturday. We were bored. It was like 180 degrees outside. Our house was warm. We decided to go to the mall. And document it in photographs. Enjoy.

"Hmm, I'm bored. Let's go somewhere exciting, magical, and fun....the mall!"

Our lovely house as we leave for the journey.

Nicole is pumped.

How lovely....a wedding.

What's up, 91 freeway?

"We're on the highway to.....the Galleria...."

Tyler Street is my hero.

Ah, the Gallorious Galleria.

And a crowded parking garage.

Awesome new puppy store.

Nicole wants a puppy....seriously....she really really wants one.

Doesn't it feel good to pay less....or nothing at all since we didn't buy anything.

On the road again.

Bet you didn't know Martha Stewart lived in Riverside, did you?

Off to Orangecrest to see Nicole's parents....and score a free meal!

Mmm...coffee bean....

The happy couple's adventure is over.

DISCLAIMER: If you actually made it this far, congratulations. I apologize that you had to suffer through our strange sense of humor (or lack thereof).


“The Adventures of Bored Mike & Nicole”

  1. Blogger Jessica Maher Says:

    I have to say this was quite amusing. Thanks