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Mystery Road Trip

Spent today on a Mystery Road Trip with some of our high school students. Ben pretty much put the whole thing together and it was a sweet day. Here's what we did:

Mall Hunt for Drivers
"Don't Act Your Age Games" at park
BBQ hot dogs at park
Drive to Hollywood
Hollywood Scavenger Hunt
Bowling at Lucky Strike
Roller-skating at World on Wheels - short note here: I was one of the winners at Red Light, Green Light and am now the proud owner of a tambourine and a Black Music Month cd, among a few other items.
In-n-Out Burger
Ultimate Frisbee at a park in Culver City

NOTE: If you look closely at this picture, it looks like our students have zombie eyes. I apologize. First they had demon eyes and I tried to remove the red-eye, but it just gave them white zombie eyes. Enjoy.


“Mystery Road Trip”