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Midweek at a Glance

Series: None
Message: Celebration, CBU Drama Team
Game: Average. We did Deaf Karaoke where a student sang along with headphones and only they could hear the music. Had some technical difficulties in the first round, but once that got ironed out it was pretty funny.
Music: Average. Songs: Open the Eyes of my Heart, Beautiful One, Pour out my Heart, Your Renown, Wonderful Maker
Message Length: 30-ish minutes
Message Quality: Average. Tough to call it average because there's nothing to compare to. It was actually a drama presentation. It was probably just good to have something different.
Volunteer Interaction: Below Average. Had some gone and we were working on some stuff till last minute and I didn't feel very connected to students before.
Student Response: Average
Attendance: Below Average.
1st Time Guests: 2


“Midweek at a Glance”