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Getting the Word Out

Generating buzz for a ministry is sometimes a tough thing. In reality, the best kind of buzz is when something is happening, God is changing lives, and people just have to tell their friends about it. At the same time, we've been going at this college ministry thing for a few months now and have some decent momentum in some ways, but still need to get moving in others.

We made and ordered some promo cards for our series we're starting tomorrow night. Problem was, I underestimated the shipping time and we didn't get them in time to get to any of our students on Sunday.

Then today I was on campus at CBU and went to give some to Deanna, one of our college students. I asked how many she wanted and she's on duty in the dorms tonight so as I'm typing this just about every one of the 100-something rooms in Simmons Hall should have a promo card for our new series. I'm stoked that she's getting the word out!

Next step - let the guys in our area know we may be having a female invasion tomorrow night. The odds are now in their favor.


“Getting the Word Out”