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Frustrating Day

Frustrating morning at church today from two different conversations. First conversation was someone pointing out something about my communication to volunteers that was lacking. I have pretty thin skin and don't take criticism very well (I know this is an area I need to grow in)...so I tend to take things like that hard. Fairly minor issue.....easily fixable.....still hurts to hear.

Second conversation was again frustrating (that's all the details I want to give there).

Then, my wife had some students that were frustrating her this morning. By the time we headed to lunch we just wanted to run some people over in the parking garage at the mall (luckily we didn't).

Mornings like this are hard on me. I know that God is growing me to learn how to better respond to conflict, criticism, and frustration. Still growing...

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“Frustrating Day”

  1. Blogger Casey Angulo Says:

    Since this is a self-criticizing post, I thought I would comment. :) Don't give up bro. We all have those days. P.S. Your authenticity is rad.

  2. Blogger Mike Lovato Says:


  3. Anonymous Tim Says:

    The hardest part of criticism is when I think it's unwarranted or is lacking a lot of information. This month I had to kick a student out of youth group for several reasons. I did it with the parents and my pastor all in agreement over the matter. Well, I'm getting a lot of criticism from other students who are angry about it, but it's not like I can tell them why or explain my actions because what happened is just none of their business, ya know? It's tough.