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Our Team

Let me tell you a little about our student ministries team.

Lucas Miller (jr. high pastor) - Lucas is from the thriving metropolis of Tehachapi, CA. He's a senior at CBU and can play the bagpipes. He like to shoot people with AirSoft guns.

Chris Davis (jr. high intern) - Chris was a student in our high school ministry until recently. He's now a freshman at CBU and is working with our jr. high ministry. He wears a lot of black t-shirts with some sort of band name on them. One of his big areas in our ministry is working with the worship team in jr. high.

Jon McWhorter
(high school associate) - Jon oversees our midweek program, leads our student band, does some other stuff, and currently leads worship at our 9:30 service for the whole church. He is busy. He is from Fresno. He's also an RA at CBU where he's a senior. He is the only person I've ever hired based on a recommendation from my mom. He likes to ride his bike like 800 miles at a time and is dating Whitney.

Ben Wahlman (high school intern) - Ben is from St. Louis and is a sophomore at CBU. I believe he is dating a different Whitney. He's also a new addition to our team and is really good at connecting with students relationally. He'll be overseeing our discipleship groups and doing some other random stuff.

That's it. We're also looking for a college ministry intern right now so hopefully that will fill the team out soon. I'm the only full-time guy at the moment, but it's great having several people on-board.


“Our Team”