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I'm Back

Back from Ohio....here's some of the highlights.

  • Time away from work was awesome to just be away
  • Didn't go on the computer for the whole trip (other than a Manatee exhibit at the Zoo)
  • Spend a day in the rain at the zoo
  • Fossil hunting - not too bad....it basically consists of laying on the ground and staring at tiny rocks
  • Lots of time with Nicole was super cool
  • Actual Fall weather
  • Actual trees changing colors
  • Visited Shaker Town in Kentucky
  • Heard lots of Southern accents in Kentucky....amazing how it changes when you head a couple hours south
  • Ate at a Churrascaria....if you've never done this you need to.....they just keep bringing meat around on these skewers until you tell them to stop. It's awesome.


“I'm Back”