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Ok, so I head back home tomorrow and hopefully will return back to my normal habits of blogging. It's been crazy busy this whole trip with very long days and pretty crappy/spotty hotel wireless internet. But I had to share this brief story.

Five of our guys got stuck in an elevator at Union Square for an hour or two tonight. You could see them (barely) through the crack in the door. One of them had to pee so he went in a cup. Then another one did so my wife passed him her Forever 21 shopping bag and he used that. Awesome. Anyways, they finally got out and they all hugged the elevator repair man. In between peeing in different objects, they spent their time singing worship songs while trapped in there.

It's been a good week....more to come later....after I recover and get some sleep.


  1. Blogger Alli Hibb Says:

    did you go to san fran to audition for American Idol? (Just kidding...remember last year when you called to ask if that's what we were doing up there?!)

  2. Blogger B. C. Lovato Says:

    mmm..peeing in plastic bags.