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Student Leadership Conference - Thursday

Conference is still going good. I'm definitely feeling pretty tired at this point...feels like the night before we go home. I was telling someone today though that I usually get tired and ready to go home much earlier in a trip. I've been loving every minute of this one until the tiredness hit me this afternoon.

SIDE NOTE: I must be old or one of the guys in my room is pretty young-thinking for being 16. All he wants to watch is cartoon network (although right now it's Family Guy so that's not exactly a kid-cartoon). END SIDE NOTE

Back to the conference, morning session was just alright - the talks were alright and neither speaker seemed to connect with our students. So, no names will be mentioned here.

After lunch there were workshops. I led one on how to study the Bible on your own. The first one went mediocre...audience wasn't very responsive and I felt like I lacked on the delivery end. The second one was much more enjoyable. Few more students and they seemed genuinely interested. Of course, I noticed a bunch of things that I will change if I ever do this workshop again, but that's ok.

Evening session was a lot of fun. Fields led the world's greatest game of Simon Says that lasted for a good 20-30 minutes (or at least it felt like it). This was immediately followed the SLC version of Deal or No Deal. Also fun. The two speakers were Erin Kerr from Saddleback and Greg Stier from Dare 2 Share. I missed Erin because I stepped out for a few, but our group said he was good. Stier was great. He's very funny, yet challenging and practical when it comes to evangelism. Challenged me to initiate a conversation with someone in my life who needs to know Christ. To be honest, I realized that in the past I haven't really believed that God could make that change in his life. But...that's the power of the gospel.

Last, but not least. Briefly met Austin from Survivor this afternoon. Although not quite in the same way that Allison met him (but I was there to witness her embarassment).

“Student Leadership Conference - Thursday”

  1. Blogger Alli Hibb Says:

    Thanks for linking my embarrassment to the people in your life as well...
    It's been cool to read your blogs and find out what someone on the 'outside' of Saddleback who is unaffected by the 'Saddleback can do no wrong' mindset thought about the conference.