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Role Shift (for those in my life who care)

Ok, I mentioned a few days ago I'd have a big announcement (at least for me) regarding my role at Magnolia. Since I started in September my title has been Minister to Students (fancy, I know). But the "students" in there only included jr. high and high school. We talked about the possibility of including college at some point in the future after the other two were solidified somewhat. Well, our college ministry point-person is needing to step down due to time constraints. So, my senior pastor asked me about a month or so ago if I'd be willing to consider taking on college ministry into my area as well. After talking it over with Nicole, running some ideas past people I trust, and praying about it I've decided to go ahead and take on college ministry as well.

So basically I'll be running lead on both the high school and college ministries. In order to not drive myself or my wife crazy I'll be reorienting some of what I do now. My goal is to lead from my strengths and do the things I love. Everything else will need to be handed off to other staff and volunteers. The details are still being worked out, but we'll be changing/shifting/adding some of our other internship stuff and high school staff. I'm excited about the shift.

Our college ministry has never really taken off (although it has been led by some incredible people) and now is the time to finally get serious about engaging and involving college students. Our church is located across the street from a Christian college of over 3,000 students. There's also a large public university in town, another private university, and a community college. There have been about 5-10 college students involved lately in our college ministry. So basically we're starting with a blank slate and casting vision from scratch. I love it. We also have a team of about 5-10 adults who are excited about getting involved in students' lives and helping launch this thing. I'm sure you'll hear more about this as time goes on.

“Role Shift (for those in my life who care)”

  1. Blogger offroadcamry Says:

    You are Superman. Do I say congrats on this? I know you're going to be awesome!