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Next Few Weeks

The next few weeks are going to be a little crazy. Here's what my schedule looks like:

July 11-14: Student Leadership Conference at Saddleback with 11 high school students

July 18-19: Participate in the first two days of VBS (i.e. do whatever the children's minister tells me to do)

July 20-27: Vacation in Mammoth with Nicole's family (minus her dad on this one)

July 27-August 6: Going Public mission trip to San Francisco with 40ish high school students

August 13: Speaking in main service at church for the first time

Keep me in your prayers.

“Next Few Weeks”

  1. Blogger Alli Hibb Says:

    Sounds like our next few months...and HSM's as well...
    Ah, the summer of a youth worker!