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Midweek at a Glance

Series: Wisdom for Dummies - Why Wisdom?
Game: Way Below Average. Game? More like lame. We tried having fun with the whole mentos and diet coke thing in students' mouths, but it didn't work too well. Even though every time Jon and I tested it, it was awesome. I think they all cheated.
Music: Above Average. Songs: Forever, Here is Our King, Wonderful Cross, Rescue, Nothing But the Blood
Message Length: 17 minutes
Message Quality: Way Below Average. My first comment to my wife afterwards was, "my talk sucked." She says it was ok. Felt like the response was weak. My prep was weak. My delivery was weak. Oh well.
Volunteer Interaction: Below Average. I felt like they kinda kept to themselves tonight.
Student Response: Average. Seemed to participate in singing. Even enjoyed the gameness of lameness. Lots of bored stares during my talk.
Attendance: Average (I think). It's tough to gauge what average is because it's summer and our new freshmen just moved up. I would say, if we'd had this attendance 6 months ago I would have been very pleased.
1st Time Guests: Not sure b/c of new freshmen...haven't gone through the cards yet.

Overall, a fairly rough week. Our room setup wasn't ready so Jon felt stressed. The holiday threw off my prep time and I'm still sucking at managing my time. I think I'm going to take tomorrow morning to organize my office/life.

“Midweek at a Glance”