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Leadership Gold

Mentioned that I'd share some more from Erik Rees' session on ministry. He did a lightning-fast session, but in my opinion it was worth the cost of the conference. There's a section for our students that will be VERY helpful. I might blog about that tomorrow after we debrief it a little more. Here's the section that is going to be VERY helpful for me.

Grasp your role by identifying your sweet spot.

Give away the other roles by inviting others to serve.

Grow yourself and team members by investing in their SHAPE.

This could be huge for me. I struggle with handing stuff off, but I know that I desperately need to begin practicing this so our ministry can expand beyond me.

“Leadership Gold”

  1. Blogger Grant Harrison Says:

    hello mr lovato...not sure you remember me but it's grant harrison...you know..."nathan and grant for arkansas who lived with the grimes one summer then moved to riverside for a year"...anyway..im glad i ran across your site...i'll keep in touch...