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Giant Oranges

Chicago had its cows. Seattle has its pigs. And now my fair city has its oranges. A local arts group had artists paint 32 giant oranges and spread them all over downtown. Nicole and I took a little driving tour of this new art display in downtown Riverside tonight. I have to admit, I thought the idea was pretty weird, but it's actually pretty cool looking. We're going to go back and walk the main section of them soon. If you're local, I'd recommend checking it out.

“Giant Oranges”

  1. Blogger Alli Hibb Says:

    mike, please take as many pictures of these oranges as you can.
    i've never wanted to hurry to riverside so much in my life.

  2. Blogger Mike Lovato Says:

    Other than to visit the Lovatos, right? You and your artist boyfriend should come hang out with us and see the oranges up close. Your life will be changed.

  3. Blogger Alli Hibb Says:

    done and done. I saw your name in the Student Leadership notebook today...how fun is that?! I like seeing your face and being your friend...will Nicole make an appearance at all? I like her too.