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Nicole and I got an idea from my friend Josh. He's doing a month-long TV fast. We decided not to do a fast, but instead to drastically cut back. So we're cutting back to an hour of TV a day. To some of you that probably still sounds like a ton, but we were watching A LOT of TV. Typically I'd say we watch a couple hours in the evening and then an hour or so in the bedroom before falling asleep. It's, unforunately, become the total time-killer for us

So we've been doing this for about a week and it's been cool so far. We've found that we don't even use the full hour some nights. Life has felt a little slower paced since doing this. A little bit of margin is good for all of us.


  1. Blogger offroadcamry Says:

    Dude, I cannot even tell you how right you are in saying that it feels like life has slowed down. I hope that this 1 hr. of TV a night thing goes great for you guys. I've already gone through one book, am 3 chapters away from finishing another and have picked out two more to read when I'm done. You're the man!