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Church Picnic

Ok, so I'm not typically much of a "let's have a church picnic" kind of guy. But our church has this annual picnic thing over at CBU. I ended up having a great time. It was a cool mixture of young and old, new people and old people. Nicole and I played with one of our volunteer couples a game I'd never heard of. It's called Bolo Toss. It's basically where you throw these tied-together golf balls at these two PVC pipe contraptions for different point values. It's kinda like this washers game we played in Mexico with Wildside except you get to throw one of those cool things from the movies that trips people as it wraps around their ankles. It was sweet.

Then I played softball for the first time in years. Popped out once and got a base hit RBI the second time. Also caught a fly ball. Good times. Then we ate and hung out with Lucas and his girlfriend, Jessica. Also good times. I am now officially a fan of picnics.

“Church Picnic”