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Good Friday Service

I got back an hour or so ago from our Good Friday service that I mentioned earlier today. It was an incredible service. Travis Collins did a great job of weaving together music, Scripture, video, and communion into a service that truly caused us to reflect on Christ's suffering. He started the night by saying we were going to progress from life without Christ to life with Christ. The band then went into a cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt." I think that was the first time I've heard NIN at church. It fit the start of the service perfectly though.

We then moved through several Scripture readings and songs that looked at this suffering servant who didn't deserve any of it. Sometimes it's so strange to me that the one person who didn't deserve any punishment is the one who took all of it. It just doesn't make sense. I guess that's part of the mystery of the Cross though.

Montia then followed with a brief message that just focused us in on Isaiah 53 before taking the Lord's Supper together as a church. It was a cool night. Very somber. Very solemn. But it felt like we as a church were actually worshiping together. I felt like I belonged....to this bunch of broken people who are so grateful that we don't get what we deserve.

The night closed with a few songs of worship together and then the band playing "Wonderful Cross" with clips from The Passion of the Christ in the background. Then, we left. Montia asked us earlier to leave in total silence until we got to our cars. And people did. I have never seen our church building clear out so quietly or so quickly. I was waiting for my mom in the lobby so it was cool to see all these people file past me, quietly get into their cars, and sit in the post-service traffic in our lot as they headed back home.

It was one of the best nights I can remember ever happening at our church. Props to Travis and the band for putting it together. And props to Montia for giving a young college student free rein over a service that had so much impact.

“Good Friday Service”