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PDYM Day 1

Last night at the PDYM conference kicked off great. If I had to sum up the night it was "It's not about the building." Saddleback has one of the best youth ministry facilities in the country, but until recently they'd met in portable facilities, tents, etc. Lucas and I were talking about it on the drive back to Riverside last night and both of us feel like we don't walk into an amazing youth facility (I've seen a few now) and go "Oh....well they can do great ministry because they have a great facility." Don't get me wrong, I definitely say "Oh, this would be sweet to have." But at the same time youth ministry is not about a building, just like church is not about a building.

Stoked for the rest of the conference. Nicole and Addie are coming down with me today. If you're at the conference I'll be the guy in the bright green shirt with the the hot wife and super cute 8 month old daughter.

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“PDYM Day 1”