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Top 10 Mistakes

I've been really digging this series of blog posts by Sean Rheaume, a youth pastor I've recently re-discovered in South Carolina. He's been talking about his top 10 youth ministry mistakes in 2008. Here's a clip of one:

I love creativity, I am not that creative but I love the process. I work hard to package my sermon series in themes that capture students attention. I develop graphics, intro videos, and countdowns to hit home my point. However, sometimes I have let that take priority rather than the things that matter like my prayer life, time with Jesus or sermon development. Three weeks ago is a prime example. I put together an awesome Christmas program with games, videos, skits and dynamic graphics and when I got up to speak I did so with authority only to get home to have my wife blast me for misquoting the Bible not once, not twice but THREE TIMES! I explained that I didn’t spend as much time in sermon prep as normal to her laughing response, “YOU THINK?!?”.

Check out the whole series at his blog.


“Top 10 Mistakes”