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Random Thoughts about Youth Events

  • I feel like the same handful of students show up to every event. If I said "come watch the paint peel on the youth room wall!"....there is a core of students that would show up.
  • You never sign up one student at a time for an event anymore...you sign up a cluster of students.
  • Is the lack of participation in things like service projects, camps, fill-in-the-blanks due to poor publicity, poor events, or a combination of the two?
  • In my quest to avoid pointless "youth group-y" events, I may have moved to an opposite extreme.
  • I tend to think that our "involved" students are the ones who show up for everything when in reality our students who are actually growing the most may not show up for much of what we do.
  • In my quest to "do less" are we doing the right things?


“Random Thoughts about Youth Events”