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This Week

This Week I'm...
  • Speaking at chapel for Riverside Christian on Wednesday....20 minutes....nice short slot
  • Winding up a 3-week series in high school ministry on The Bible
  • Trying to figure out how to improve our wednesday night program....it needs love
  • Recovering from a crazy weekend
  • In major need of finally cleaning/organizing my office (I say this most weeks)
  • Celebrating Nicole's 2_th birthday with her on Wednesday
  • Determined to make blogging a regular habit once again
  • Trusting God more than I have in recent months/years
  • Enjoying life more than I have in recent months/years
  • Going to hang with my daughter and tell her how cute she is

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“This Week”

  1. Blogger Matt McGill Says:

    dude. you'll need to find out how old nicole is if you want to celebrate well. trust me, i have personal experience, you can't say, "happy 20's birthday"