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Square Peg Alliance

I'm in Nashville this week for a conference and got picked up by a former student who lives here now. He'd asked me yesterday if I wanted to check out a show while I was here and after a little thinking I decided, "heck yes, I'm going to be in this sweet music city of Nashville.....I should go hear some music."

So we went to this little place called 12th & Porter (located conveniently on the corner of 12th & Porter). Let me just say this is one of the sweetest setups for a little club. The stage was about the size of the audience area. We hung out up in a scary little balcony where some of his friends had saved a seat.

These 4 artists performed. They're part of this deal called the Square Peg Alliance. I highly recommend you check them out. It's a group of artists who get together to encourage each other, play music, and seemingly to have a good time. Great mix of good music, interesting lyrics, and witty humor.


“Square Peg Alliance”