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National Youth Worker's Conference Day 2

Here was my day:
  • Breakout about networking - not much new info here
  • Breakout about marketing - good conversation about use of online media
  • Lunch at The Pie Wagon - I'd never experienced food quite like this. They have what they call in the South "Meat n' Three". You get one type of meat and three side items. Good, greasy Southern food served cafeteria style. I paid for it later as I missed the Skit Guys' set and spent time in the bathroom instead.
  • General Session with Derwin Gray AKA the Evangelism Linebacker (see video below) - great message....main point was that God is attracted to brokenness. There's a theme (at least for me) this week that what God is doing in me is more important than what I do in our student ministry.
  • Dinner at Paradise Park Trailer Resort (nope, didn't make that one up)
  • General Session with Mark Matlock - interesting session on wisdom....a little more academic whereas the other sessions have been more inspirational....but he shared some interesting thoughts he's working through re: a model of Regular Life, Pseduo Eternal Life, and Eternal Life all based on some initial thoughts from Ecclesiastes. He also talked about the classic story of a hero - Ordinary Life, Call to Action, Mentor, Trials, and one last point I can't remember.
  • Chatted with Mark for a few about his Planet Wisdom conferences.....wanted to see if it might be a good winter camp replacement option for our jr highers (Lucas, you should check out his site).
That was my day. Now enjoy the Evangelism Linebacker.


“National Youth Worker's Conference Day 2”