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Fall Ministry Tweaks

We kicked off our midweek program last Wednesday night and I'm making a few intentional/unintentional tweaks to it.

Using more video - students respond so amazingly well to video. Last week we used a goofy Hasselhoff video as an opener. This week we used a spoken word worship-type video to segue from a game to a mellow music set. Simple little change that adds a great feel to our program. I don't have much time to create videos these days so it'll mostly be YouTube and purchased stuff.

Seeking more volunteers - I decided last week that we need 10 adult volunteers (besides myself and an intern) to really have the capacity to grow and create a great environment on Wednesday nights. We had two to start with. Last night two of my Sunday volunteers showed up and said they're going to be here now on Wednesdays. I hadn't asked them so this was super cool. 6 more to go....

Utilizing our volunteers better - This is one I've partially started on through an individual conversation, but I need to gather our volunteers to walk them through it. I essentially need volunteers on Wednesdays to hang with students, connect new students, and handle distractions. I probably need to sit down and think through how to use them better in program stuff as well.

Weekly prayer time - We're doing a brief 10-15 minute prayer time that starts 45 minutes before the program. Any students or leaders who want to show up are welcome. Last night it was me and a guy I grabbed last minute. The last few months I've just felt this sense of needing to elevate the level of prayer in our ministry.

Planning better- Trying to make sure we have the whole night sketched out in detail and then going over it beforehand with the involved parties. A little planning goes a long way. Definitely implementing Planning Center more and more.

What tweaks are you making to your ministry this fall?


“Fall Ministry Tweaks”

  1. Blogger Jeff Cope Says:

    expanding our weekday Bible study offerings to include non wednesday night and non church locations. moved youth worship to saturday night. Get more parents involved in ministry. Recruit people for specific programs instead of just anyone.