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Weekly Planning

If you're in ministry you likely pull off a similar event on a weekly basis. In our high school ministry our crowd program (for you PDYM peeps) happens on Wednesday nights. Yesterday I sat down to think through the logistics of getting stuff done for it and formalized it. Here's the timeline along with the people responsible in parantheses.

Midweek Planning Process

People Scheduled for next month by 3rd Thursday of Month

Band (Jake)

Vocals (Sydni)

Greeters (Jordan)

Snack Bar (Nicole)

Tech (Mike)

Plans rough scheduled for next month by 3rd Thursday of Month (Mike)

Songs picked by Thursday before (Worship Leader)

Plan details in place by Thursday before (Mike)

Reminder Email sent Monday before (Lori)

Message notes emailed to Lori by Tuesday at Noon (Mike)

ProPresenter completed by Wednesday at 3pm (Mike)

Songs photocopied and in sound booth by Wednesday at 3pm (Lori)

Bulletin printed by Wednesday at 5pm (Lori)

For those of you wondering we use Planning Center to coordinate our efforts. We're really just getting started with it and aren't great at implementing it yet. For our media we use ProPresenter....it's pretty amazing.


“Weekly Planning”

  1. Blogger TheEpicBeat Says:

    Planning Center is where it's at dude.

    I judge my ministry as BPC and APC...(Before Planning Center, and After Planning Center)

    Hey, great blog by the way. First time here after so long. Cute kiddo man.

    (also, your template is sick...where did it come from?)