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My blog has been VERY silent lately. Let's try to change that. Here is some of what's going on right now.

  • Addison is doing well. Sleeps pretty good at night. Now we just need her to take some daytime naps so Nicole can catch up on some sleep.
  • Church stuff is kinda mellow right now. A bunch of our high school students are on a mission trip to San Francisco. Normally I'd be on the trip, but with the baby coming we knew I couldn't go. Today I'm working on making a bunch of announcement slides in Photoshop and then working on some college ministry promo material.
  • God has really been working on my heart lately to change some super-negative thought patterns that have been going on. It's tough, but I'm glad to be moving forward.
  • Decent amount of travel coming up this fall - first, I'll be heading out to Lifeway's National Youth Worker's Conference in September, followed by PDYM Gathering the next week, and then tentatively looking at a trip to do some writing for Lifeway in November.
  • Was supposed to have my 10 Year High School reunion next week, but it was canceled. I was bummed because I was really looking forward to that.
  • Even though I haven't blogged much, I'm still twittering pretty frequently. Come follow me.
Tha's all for now.

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