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This Week's Stuff

Some of the things going on this week:
  • Wednesday night Back to School BBQ - we had a big turnout last Wednesday and I'm thinking we'll see a lot of students at this event.
  • message for Wednesday night kickoff....still not sure what I'll teach on, but thinking I'll grab some coffee in a few and figure it out.
  • College Ministry - new CBU students arrive tomorrow....these next couple weeks are our big chance to connect with them and plug them in to our church.....maybe a full post on what we're doing with this later today.
  • On a related note, we have a bunch of Rwandan students attending CBU this year who came to our church and then to our college pastor's birthday party yesterday. Pretty cool.
  • Nicole and I are planning on having a Coffee Depot date sometime this week.
  • I need to make travel arrangements for a conference I'm heading to in Nashville in September. Southwest is making me choose between times I'd prefer to fly and nonstop flights....jerks.
  • Twitter Plug: Follow me at www.twitter.com/mikelovato if you aren't already.

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“This Week's Stuff”