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Mystery Road Trip

Yesterday was our Mystery Road Trip. This is our second year doing this event and it's a pretty cool deal. A couple people have asked what the details were, so here's the deal. First off, you should know that most (but not all) of our summer events are geared around connecting people together. So there is a disproportionate amount of seemingly just for fun events during the summer than the rest of the year. Ok, disclaimer done.

For our Mystery Road Trip, we have students meet at the church at 10am and then we're back at 10pm. They don't know any of the locations we're heading to. We had some volunteers driving and a set of parents driving. Here's the itinerary from yesterday:

Check-in and hang out at The Loft (high school room at church)
Mini Golf at Castle Park
Lunch at Shakey's Pizza
Scavenger Hunt at Downtown Disney
Judged pics and gave out prizes at a church in the OC
Dinner at In-N-Out
Racing and arcade games at SpeedZone


“Mystery Road Trip”

  1. Blogger abc Says:

    that sounds like alot of fun! like really..

    hahaha the word verification i had to do was pkfry. does that mean that pastor kids like fries? (: