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Worship Night

We had a worship night with our high school students last night and I think it went pretty well. Here is some of what went down:
  • Our contemporary worship leader ended up leading the music end of it (and did a GREAT job!)
  • We gave students time and space to meet with God. Whenever we do this, they love it and God meets with them. Crazy how that happens.
  • We used this little guy as an intro to the night. It was very cool.
  • Invited our college students to join us. A few of them came which was very cool. Then they ended up hanging out for like an hour and a half later at the church.....then at one of the guy's apartments....and then at some point (I'm assuming it was like 1am at this point) held a bit of a planning meeting for some upcoming events. Yep, sounds like college students. Nicole and I were out until 11-something the other night and it felt crazy late. We're old.
  • As I rode home with a dad and a couple students (because I ended up without my keys) one of them commented we should do more of these....but not all the time. I like that idea. She understands that it's cool to change things up like that, but if we did all the time it would quickly become "the new normal."
  • Long story short: give students physical space, actual time, and an invitation to meet with God.....and they will.


“Worship Night”