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Random Catch-Up

Stuff that's going on:
  • We're just about 7 weeks from our baby's due date. I will be a dad soon.
  • High School camp is in 3 weeks. We have just about filled our spots (with the deadline being tomorrow morning for people to sign up). We go to Hume: San Diego in case you're wondering. It's awesome
  • Freshman Frenzy is in like 3 weeks too. We've changed this event this year from being Freshman-only to now including older students too. We just charge the older ones a lot more.
  • There's also a ton to be done in the next few weeks before we promote new freshmen....assigning them to groups, choosing some filler curriculum, promo materials, etc.
  • I have a few long-term items I want to sit down and think through sometime soon. They include: internships, how well are we accomplishing our purposes, volunteer training, volunteer recruitment, volunteer care, mentoring/discipling students, options for students to go "deeper" (I'm not completely sure what this means) in their faith.
  • Nicole is watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
  • We're going to visit baby Savannah Pogue tomorrow after church. Should be fun.

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“Random Catch-Up”