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Dropping the Pounds

For years now I've said I wanted to lose weight. I'd do seasons where I'd go to the gym. I'd go without soda for a bit. But in the last few months I've gotten more serious about it. I had some bloodwork done in December also that showed some issues I needed to take care of. In the last few months I've dropped from about 217 down to 201 today. I can't wait to see the scale say 199!

At my heaviest in my life I was 235. It was when I was an intern at Saddleback, eating lots of fast food and stuff all the time....drinking as much soda as I wanted. It was actually a little hard to get in and out of the car at that point. I had to work at it.

All I've done now is start doing sit-ups at night, running during the week, and making some relatively minor changes to my diet (typically red meat no more than twice a week and soda or coffee no more than twice a week).

Hopefully I'll be healthy dad when baby Addison gets here!

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“Dropping the Pounds”

  1. Blogger abc Says:

    Well it sounds like you're doing really good so far.

    Just keep working and no slacking off and you can do it. Do it! ....Meaning keep working and don't slack. That's what I mean by do it. haha.
    I believe in you.


  2. Blogger Eric Says:

    Hey you know what would help even more? Running a half marathon.