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Little update on what's been happening around my life lately
  • We had our annual Errny Awards last night for high school ministry. Turned out to be a cool night with about 80 people showing up - great decorations, funny videos, and just a cool time. I'll link to a post with some pictures from our high school blog when it's up.
  • I got a new phone (no, Jon, not an iPhone, I seriously don't want one, my fat fingers could never type on it). I like it, but I'm having trouble getting some stuff set up on it for my Outlook stuff and it's got a bit of a learning curve for me.
  • Tomorrow's the funeral for the mom of some of our students that passed away last week.
  • On Thursday, we head to Fresno for Easter. We're also going to take a day to go up to Modesto where I used to live. I never make it back there so it will be lots of fun.
  • They're carpeting our new high school room this week and all our sound/video stuff will be up sometime next week. They're also painting and carpeting the building that my office and our jr. high room are in. Things are a mess, but it's almost over. Unfortunately, my office is getting neither painted nor carpeted (it has a spot that looks like someone hacked up a lung there).
  • My wife is still cute and pregnant with our little Addie.

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