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Our New InReach and OutReach Plan

We've been working in our ministry to come up with a plan to both care for our existing students as well as to personally reach out to new students. I just confirmed last night that two of our high school students will be heading up these efforts. One girl is our InReach Coordinator and one is our OutReach Coordinator.

The InReach Coordinator's job is to look at "Who's Missing?" She will mobilize people in each of our Bible study groups to follow up with students who aren't showing up for whatever reason.

Here's the plan for students who are missing:
    • Phase One
      • Missed one week – Card
      • Missed two weeks – Phone call
      • Missed three weeks – Personal visit
    • Phase Two
      • Missed one month – Card
      • Missed two months – Phone call
      • Missed three months – Personal visit
    • Phase Three
      • Missed one quarter – Card
      • Missed two quarters – Phone call
      • Missed three quarters – Personal visit
The OutReach Coordinator's job is to look at "Who's New? and Who's Next?" Her job is to help new guests on Wednesday night get plugged into a Bible study group on Sunday mornings and to help our group members go after prospects for their groups.

Here's the plan for students who are new or next:
    • New Student (Sunday)
      • By Tuesday
        • Phone call from same-sex leader or student
        • Card from same-sex student
    • New Student (Wednesday)
      • Thursday – assigned as prospect to Bible Study group (Susie in office takes care of this)
      • Thursday or Friday – OutReach Coordinator emails new student info to OutReach leaders
      • By Saturday afternoon – phone call from same-sex leader or student inviting them to Bible Study on Sunday
    • Prospects contacted once a month (until they ask us to stop)
      • Month 1 – Personal visit
      • Month 2 – Phone call
      • Month 3 – Card
On the personal visits we'll be taking a "We missed you" bag to the first group. It will contain a Starbucks drink, info on what's going on in the ministry, hand-written note from a student, candy, etc. The second group will get a welcome bag with similar items customized for that group.

I'm stoked to get this off the ground and running. Now that these main coordinators are in place, the plan is to identify students in each group who can make this happen.


“Our New InReach and OutReach Plan”

  1. Blogger Josh(ua) Treece Says:

    This is pretty cool man. Looks like both coordinators are girls. No guys interested in taking the lead?

  2. Blogger Mike Lovato Says:

    Yeah, we have a pretty big shortage of guys stepping up in leadership.

  3. Blogger Sean Says:

    I love the intentionality of this! The plan seems good.

    I like all the interpersonal connections in this plan. It would seem to me that as soon as they catch on that this is part of a "system" or "plan" that everyone is shuffled into, it could (but doesn't have to) seem inauthentic.

    I would be interested if you are going to communicate this plan to all of the students or not. If so, how? Smaller groups?

    If it can be communicated as authentic it is an great plan! Also a great developer of your students working on it.