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Day Off

Had a pretty good day off today hanging with Nicole and a couple of our friends, Chris and Sarah. First off, we went to have lunch at Sonic. Delicious. Then, it was off to Disneyland. On the way there Nicole discovered that our annual passes that we thought expired this coming Monday actually expired this past Wednesday. So we had to make a pretty quick decision on whether or not to renew them. We decided to renew. (So if anyone wants to hit Disneyland with us, let me know).

Got on a bunch of rides at Disneyland - Buzz Lightyear (I kicked butt), Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Alice in Wonderland (not my choice), Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and Jungle Cruise. Then, Nicole and I headed out because we're old and didn't want to stay until the park closed.

On the way home we stopped at Target to buy three things: a belated birthday card for my mom, a noise hair trimmer for me (yes, that's gross, but be thankful I can now trim them), and a pregnancy body pillow for Nicole. We walked out with a birthday card, noise hair trimmer, gummi life savers, bluberry nutrigrain bars, apple cinnamon nutrigrain bars, fruit snakcs, and a chocolate milk. Target is awesome.


“Day Off”