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Winter Camp!

We had an amazing time at winter camp this weekend! I'm wiped, but here are some highlights:

  • 17 guys in one cabin....sweet.
  • Tom Chapin was our speaker. He came and spoke at an intern meeting when I was at Saddleback. We were able to get reacquainted. Great dude, great job speaking.
  • Parachute Passing led worship. I didn't care for them that much last year, but I thought they did GREAT this year (other than when they played Shackles).
  • Ben and I got to learn how to put chains on tires. Ben did a lot more of it then me though. Also, in that process I got to drive a GMC Yukon out of a rut with a bunch of guys hanging on the back end weighing it down.
  • Also, got to lay down in the mushy snow on the way down to get the chains off. Not as fun, but an adventure.
  • We had some transportation issues on the way back and had to wait with about half our group for an extra two hours at camp.
  • I went snowboarding for the second time! I had a blast doing this and I did somewhat better than last year. Still fell a bunch and I'm crazy sore today, but I did get to experience cruising down the mountain more.
  • A couple of the guys I was with seemed to make some decisions to re-orient their priorities to wrap around what God wants them to do rather than just what they want to do.
  • Oh yeah, they had Rock Band set up for Playstation and it was pretty funny watching our students (and Ben the Intern) play and sing!


“Winter Camp!”