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Ok, so I'm sick. I thought I was getting sick about a week and a half ago, but it never really took. Then I started getting this cough on Sunday which has steadily increased. In fact, I decided this morning not to teach tonight in high school ministry. Part of it was feeling sick and part of it was my talk not being where I wanted it to be and we had a doctor's appointment for Nicole this afternoon. Then later on I decided to take off early tonight and let Ben run the whole night. I set up stuff and everything and then left during the opening game. I'm sure he did a fantastic job. It's a good thing to see stuff run ok when you're not there. We had a good-sized crowd there and it several students had brought friends so I'm a little bummed to have not been there for that.

It was good to not have to be there, but there are still several weekly things that go on that depend on me. We're lacking in help in the technology/audio/video area which means our band waits on me to get there to turn things on. I don't want things to depend on me. I want there to be a broad enough team that I don't have to worry about stuff not happening. I definitely need to delegate some ongoing stuff.

Ok, this has been a bit random, but that's how my thinking goes at the moment.

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