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New Opportunity with Lifeway

A couple months ago I mentioned a new opportunity that had opened up to me. I decided to go ahead with it. I'm now a Student Ministry Contract Consultant with Lifeway. Paul Turner and I first connected about 2 years ago when he and another guy on their staff came to do some listening sessions at our church. I was a little leary of these "denominational guys from Nashville." But I walked out VERY impressed with their hearts and their openness to listening to churches and what they needed. One of the results of those listening sessions is the new Student curriculum called KNOWN. Check it out, it's very cool.

Anyways, Paul asked me to help them out in this new role. What exactly will I do, you might ask? Well, it's still being defined, but basically I'll be doing some consulting with churches, some conference leading, some representing Lifeway at conferences, and some other stuff. It's pretty exciting for me because I really see a large part of my SHAPE and calling to be oriented around helping other youth workers, particularly ones who are just getting going. I really believe in focusing in on your "sweet spot" and am trying to do that with my involvements outside my local church ministry.

It's still pretty new. The only thing on my plate so far is leading a workshop at Lifeway's National Youth Worker Conference in September. We'll see what happens with this....I'll keep you posted as stuff develops.


“New Opportunity with Lifeway”

  1. Blogger Rob Cunningham Says:

    congrats dude. glad to hear about this awesome opportunity!

  2. Blogger brian c. berry Says:

    Cool deal. I'm excited for you and I know you'll do great at it.