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Winter Camp

Tomorrow we head up to high school winter camp at Pondo. I'm pretty stoked about it. It's our second year doing winter camp there and they do a GREAT job. My cabin consists of two leaders and 15 high school guys (they put all our group's guys in one cabin).....should be interesting/smelly/fun. I'm also going to try snowboarding for the second time. This means I'll spend lots of time falling on my butt on top of a mountain. Good times. I also just got word of another student who wants to go....we'll see if we can pull that off in the next 16 hours or so. Pray for us this weekend that we have a great time, that the Holy Spirit challenges student's hearts, and that I don't have to take any students to the ER like last year.


“Winter Camp”

  1. Blogger the McWhorters Says:

    you're probably leaving Pondo about now... and I bet it's snowing. It's raining down here and I'm jealous of you guys playing in the snow.

    how'd the snowboarding go?