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Crazy Week

This week is a little overwhelming feeling at the moment. There's a ton going on in our ministry. There are also a lot more relational meetings on my agenda this week which I'm pretty excited about. On Tuesday, we have a second meeting with a potential college pastor who I'm very excited about. I'm having lunch Wednesday with our van rental guy with the hopes of having some spiritual conversation with him. On Thursday, I have lunch with a volunteer who's got a ton of stuff going on in his Bible study group right now (student's dad with cancer, other stuff). We're having our student ministries staff over for dinner on Thursday night which should be fun. Then, on Friday Nicole and I are headed to Disneyland and will hook up with my dad for a birthday lunch somewhere in Anaheim.

Oh yeah and I have to price out some video game systems, pool table, foosball table, and love sacs for our new student ministry room. And I start teaching my class at CBU on Wednesday. And I have to make a decision about a really cool opportunity to influence other youth workers.

Even with all this going on, I'm excited about it. I like moving at a fast pace and I'm not feeling too anxious about this, but rather ready to tackle it.


“Crazy Week”

  1. Blogger Kurt Johnston Says:

    Just a little busy! :)