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Teaching Another Class

I was just asked about a week or so ago to teach another class at CBU in the spring. It's called Current Trends in Youth Ministry and is basically a research-driven class looking at current trends in youth ministry (imagine that).

I'm on a tight deadline for getting my textbook requests in so I thought I'd see if anyone has any suggestions. What books would you recommend for a course like this?

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“Teaching Another Class”

  1. Blogger samwise Says:

    any of those in the stack we were graced with at the gathering...plus i'd throw in a seth godin...just to add to the mix. i'd spend some time looking at the whole "boys adrift" conversation. just spent an afternoon with gordon macdonald and this was huge part of the conversation. more here...http://www.boysadrift.com

  2. Blogger Anissa Nishira Says:

    hey you probably already needed to tell them but when I went through "My First Two Years in Youth Ministry" with ya it was super helpful! just thought i'd let ya know that!