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Construction Continues

Our church's remodel continues moving forward. Here are some pics:

This is the site of one of the lounge areas in our student ministry space. There will be a sectional couch in the corner and some cool seating framing it in on the outside.

Yesterday, they pulled out a ton of vertical beams that were holding up the roof and replaced it with these. They will all be exposed. Should be pretty sweet.

Big shot of the space. Stage is along the right-hand wall. Far left corner is the second lounge area. The shot is from the first lounge area I talked about earlier.

This little quad area is getting two bridges that will connect three buildings and one elevator together. Should look pretty cool visually as well.

Shot from the student ministry room into the quad. The bridge connects into what will be a new lobby. The little tower on the left is the elevator shaft. My office is in that building just past the elevator a couple doors.


“Construction Continues”